Host cohort-based courses, live events, or 1:1 sessions

Superpeer is an all-in-one video platform that gives you the tools you need to engage with your audience through video and connect in a more authentic way.

What can Superpeer do for you?

Turn your audience into loyal, paying followers with our seamless video experience and subscriber management tools.

Engage with your audience

Connect with your subscribers through interactive livestreams, 1:1s, and our newest feature, Series.

Manage easier

We take care of scheduling, payments, and protecting your privacy, so that you don’t have to.

Earn, your way

Set your own rates and earn revenue through weekly livestreams, channel subscriptions, and even donations.

Don’t just take our word for it

“I love it! Now, with the ability to create streams I will be able to grow my personal brand and online presence in a more meaningful way as I can reach more people than 1:1 calls.”
“If you're thinking of earning extra money as a mentor, have a look at Superpeer!”
“I've been using Superpeer with about 10-12 calls per week, and so far the experience has been flawless.”
“It's one of my favourite platforms! Not only is the team behind Superpeer super supportive and talented, but the product itself is great to use. I can't imagine Superpeer ever going away, thank you for all you do!”
“Superpeer is so fresh and so clean. Loving the incredible design and UX as I set up my first stream on #startups.”

Introducing Superpeer Series

With series, you can create and sell any combination of on-demand video and live stream content. With cohort-based classes you can interact with your audience in a more engaging way.

Customize the content

Organize your live streams, pre-recorded videos, and hosted events into purchasable content packages for your audience.

Set the pace

Series can be cohort-based for engaging group discussions or even on-demand for the self-paced learner.

Immerse the audience

Participants can chat with each other, send private messages, and raise a hand to be brought up on the stage during live events.

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