Create, host, and sell all kinds of online courses, or series of content

Structure your series however you want.

Superpeer is an intuitive, but very powerful platform for on-line courses, classes, or any other packaged content.

Cohort-based courses

Find a full set of features to create, pre-sell, and run a cohort-based course.

Live series

The magic of live sessions is hard to replace. Learn about our livestreaming features here.

Pre-recorded series

We provide free hosting for pre-recorded self-paced courses, available to your audience at any time.


Release a video to your audience at a scheduled time, watch it together, and discuss in real time.

Mix it all up

The true power of Superpeer comes when you combine all of the above.

What’s included?


All features of our beautiful streams are available to your for the live parts of your course.

Explore Streams

Ticketed or free

Pre-sell tickets, collect donations, or make your streams free.

Automatic refunds and cancellations

We will handle all admin work for you, so that you can focus on your content.

Affiliate program

Maximize your revenue with affiliate sales.

Limited seats

Cap the number of attendees with limited seats, or enjoy unlimited participants.


Include file or URL attachments to your series - workbooks or other assignments.

Collect participant feedback

Audience ratings and comments will be displayed in your dashbord, will provide you feedback, and help improve your content.


Enable community features for your students - with rich media posts, comments, and calendar.


Get insights about registration, attendance, watch time, and drop-off behavior of your audience to optimize your content.

Beautiful on desktop and mobile

Beautiful high quality experience on all platforms and devices. In-browser experience is accessible to everyone.

Discount codes

Offer discounts to boost sales.

Automatic announcements

All your subscribers get automatic emails about your future events, so that you can expand your reach and conversions.

Targeted newsletter

Send newsletter updates to your course participants.


Product designer, design educator, mentor

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I’m a product designer at Wealthsimple, ex-Uber. I’m passionate about teaching design and helping people elevate their design career. My mission is to help you break into the design industry, gain skills to help excel your career and do work you’re passionate about.

You also get

Online payments

We support payments in all currencies using Stripe or PayPal.

59 currencies

Choose your payout country from 59 countries we currently support.

Highly converting checkout

Integrated checkout in 3 clicks bring you more sales.

Automatic landing pages

Beautiful profile pages and landing pages for all your events and courses - set up in no time, no technical skills needed.

Automatic reminders

Email and text reminders to make sure people show up.

Private Messaging

Secure DMs right on the platform, all in one place.

Unlimited everything

No caps on attendees, stream duration, email recipients - for everyone.

Professional support

Our team will help you set up your account, and become successful.

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