Refer a friend Get 3%

If you love Superpeer, and know someone who would be an amazing Superpeer host, invite them to the platform!

You get a 3% referral bonus on all of their revenue for 6 months, and they earn 10% more on their events and subscriptions, up to $100. Win-win!

How does it work?

You refer

Find your referral link in your dashboard and invite a friend who isn’t on Superpeer yet!

They join

You will be notified if they register using your referral link.

You both earn

When they start earning on Superpeer, you get a 3% bonus on what they make, and they earn 10% more on their events and subscriptions, up to $100.

Terms apply. Offer may be canceled or modified at any time.

How do I get started?

Find your personal referral link in your account under Referrals tab.

Go to dashboard

If you don’t have a Superpeer account yet, register here!

Affiliate Program

Want to share the love even further?

Help promote other hosts’ content, and you can earn a 3% affiliate bonus on the revenue from Streams or Series purchased through your affiliate links. Terms apply.

How to generate your affiliate links and get started?

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These fees will be visible in your account immediately - you can see them in the Referral tab, and can be cashed out after our standard 14 day grace period.

When you refer someone, you earn a 3% bonus on all of their subscription, series, and stream revenue. Affiliate links can be used for individual streams and series. Revenue from 1:1 services is ineligible for either program.

You will be emailed when someone uses your referral link to create their Superpeer host account. You can also find all of your referrals in the “Referral” section of your Superpeer dashboard. Once you’ve earned revenue through your referral and/or affiliate links, it will be visible in the “Rewards” tab.

In the unusual case where an Affiliate link is created for an event hosted by a Superpeer host that was previously referred by another user, both the Referrer and the Affiliate will share the typical 3% bonus, receiving 1.5% each.

  1. Go to the public event page.
  2. Copy URL to the event.
  3. Add via=your_username, for example, via=maria
  4. Share the link, then every time there’s a purchase made using your link, you will earn a 3% bonus on the revenue from that purchase! Terms apply.